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Kendal Market Town in the Lake District

Often referred to as the Gateway to the Lake District Kendal sits just outside the Lake District National Park but if often visited as part of a holiday in the Lakes. With its varied amenities and interesting town centre including famous Yards Kendal is well worth including in any visit to the Lakes or when passing by.

Famous for Mint Cake, Tabacco and Snuff Kendal has an interesting manufacturing history which can still be identified in some of the older buildings. The other industry connected with Kendal is shoe manufacturing with K Shoes still being a key employer distributing their particular brand of comfortable shoes from the town.

Dominating the town from many viewpoints is Kendal Castle and for anyone exploring past the town centre this is somewhere great for the kids to run around while also taking in some hoistory.

Kendal is not short of events and one which compliments the Lake District perfectly is the now world famous Kendal Mountain Festival which takes place in November each year

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