Yoga with Amy

Amy is an Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga teacher gaining her 200hr qualification at Sampoorna Yoga School, Goa India. When it comes to classes, your connection with your teacher can be essential.  It’s a more rewarding experience if you enjoy the company of the person at the front of the room, telling you to move your body in sometimes weird, yet wonderful ways.


Not to enjoy Amy’s way of teaching I find impossible.  Her soft Lancashire accent puts you at ease from the very beginning.  As a new yogi trying something for the first time, this initial meet can be an indication of how you may feel through out the rest of the class.  From the very start you are made to feel as if they is no pressure … it was ok if  “tree pose” meant nothing to you at this moment in time. Amy is passionate about creating a “judgement and expectation free community where students feel safe, comfortable and happy” .


Amy teaches at various studios around Cumbria, at The Langdale Estate, Proper Northern Yoga Kendal, iCentre Ingleton and Endure Health and Fitness Carnforth . We attended her class at Langdale which is held on a Friday evening at 5.30pm in the newly renovated fitness studio. Although surrounded by kettle bells and sand bags, Amy manages to completely change the energy of this space with her twilight candles between the spaced out matts that also have reassuring balance blocks, little lavender scented eye bags, blankets for each person and a lovely array of little star shaped fairly lights draped around her matt at the bottom of the room, combined with dim lighting and her soothing music, this becomes a place to unwind and really enjoy some me time!  Amy prepares you for the class by asking you to just ‘check in’ with your body and make yourself aware of how you’re feeling … something I personally rarely do but thoroughly enjoy. We casually ignore our bodies many daily functions at this point in the week you are brought to your body’s full attention, Amy then brings your attention to the vital function of breathing.. and so she begins.


Encouraging you to find your most comfortable position in all the poses she teaches, not focusing on perfection.  You’re not made to feel like your alinement has to be regal as Amy’s style of teaching allows you to find your own way, but with her guidance. Along with options for easier or more strenuous takes on some positions to suite all abilities. After pushing your body as much, or as little as you like, come the most relaxing end to a yoga class I have ever experienced. I entered the room with a busy, wondering mind at this point my thoughts are all insignificant and my eyes are welcome the opportunity to shut down. After being invited by Amy to lay on our backs and submerse our relaxed bodies in the blankets and lay the pretty star embroided lavender bags over our eyes. Where your only worry left is that you don’t want to the only one to drop into a deep sleep! At this point Amy asked us to be still an welcomed instruction and since regularly attending this class I have yet to manage the self control of not falling asleep at this stage, waking just in time to follow everyone else in giving thanks to ourselves for taking care of our bodies that work so hard for us each day.


I could not recommend this class enough.


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